Anyone given birth at Medway?

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2014MrsH Fri 06-Jun-14 09:04:17

I'm looking at my options for birth and not been too taken with Medway...especially given the poor press it's had last year.

Anyone used a private or other hospital not too far from Medway? (I've only been in Medway for less than a year - Husband from the area)

Mummyjoseyjo Fri 27-Jun-14 16:38:09

We had our little girl at Medway in February and cannot fault the care we received. I understand your anxieties as we felt the same. However, as a result of poor standards in the past, lots of time and money have been invested in maternity care at Medway. Consequently there is a fabulous midwife-led birthing unit (The Birth Place) adjacent to the conventional consultant led delivery suite. There are few other hospitals in Kent that have these two settings side by side; this was a major plus to us. Do go and visit the Birth Place, you'll get a great insight and feel more reassured I think. In the end I had to be induced and so couldn't have my baby in the birth place as I went from being a low to a higher risk case. I had baby in the delivery suite (my midwife was Ruth and she was fantastic!). The staff knew from my notes that I had wanted to use the birth place so after baby arrived they asked if there was room there for us to recover and we were transferred. It was wonderful! So relaxed, a definite 'home from home'. My family were made so welcome with a cheerful hello, free supplies of food and drink and lots of emotional and practical support from the staff. The best thing was having a breast feeding specialist on hand to support me 24hours a day. They allowed me to stay an extra day so that I could gain confidence with feeding. The staff made the whole experience a memory that we will treasure - don't take my word for it, call them up and pop along for a visit. Good luck!

em1985 Tue 01-Jul-14 09:06:19

I had to go to MCU on a weekly basis as the hospital were keeping an eye on me as there was a problem late end of pregnancy so had to go for weekly obs. MCU have fantastci staff, any questions and they answered.

I then ended up going in for a scheduled induction on Pearl Ward. I ended up staying in a few days as my induction wasnt successful first time and they was really there for me through the tears etc..
By the Friday early hours I ended up having an emergency c section and the staff in that dept were fantastic. was very scary but they reassured me and I also started off with Ruth the Midwife. She is lovely and felt very much at ease.

The only downfull i must admit is the different ideas/ways the midwifes take on breastfeeding at the hospital, but with the help of the community midwifes and health visitor everything on that side of things is now all well smile

I hope your lucky enough to meet (if you do go there that is) to meet a Midwife called Debra (blonde hair) she is lovely and a fantastic Midwife and would definetly say the same for Ruth too.

Good luck smile

2014MrsH Fri 11-Jul-14 19:06:58

Thanks both for your comments, you've put my mind at rest now. I can only ever find negative views - no one ever likes to talk about their positive experiences do they!

Will definitely check out the birthing unit in the next few weeks. And will keep an eye out for both of your recommended midwives!

Thanks smile

em1985 Sat 12-Jul-14 09:17:31

there is a tour on mondays at 12 next to the big chair for the birthing unit.

2014MrsH Wed 16-Jul-14 11:09:25

Oh cool I'll check that out, thanks!

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