Moving to Tunbridge Wells

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Marrou Thu 27-Mar-14 10:35:17

Hello smile We are moving to Tunbridge Wells after Easter and I'm wondering where there are good toddler groups and parks for my three year old and one year old. We are going to be living in the St. Johns area which looks quite nice, I'm hoping it is wink. Is there anyone out there in TW who can give some ideas? Ta x

pudseypie Sun 30-Mar-14 17:47:06

There are so many toddler groups! St Johns is a nice area, but most of TW is! Grove Park in the village area of town behind the old High Street has a great playground which my 2 year old ds loves, and Calverley and Dunorlan Parks are good for letting kids have a run around and for you to get a coffee in. Southwood Road playground in Rusthall is fab in the summer as it has sand and loads of lovely wooden play equipment. Get a copy of Grapevine magazine from the library and go to a local childrens centre when you arrive and you'll find lots of toddler groups. The Stay & Play toddler sessions at the Childrens Centres are always good here.

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