Decided on Whitstable

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angel82fairy Sun 23-Mar-14 13:26:33

Hi everyone we have decided on Whitstable yay! My mind has been changing weekly. If anyone could give any advice on the best parts and where to avoid and the best primary schools that would be great. Anyone looking to make new friends too please feel free to get in touch! Im 31, married and have a beautiful 5 yr old daughter called Holly. thanks x

angel82fairy Sun 23-Mar-14 13:27:18

oh and i should add we are moving to whitstable from caterham surrey x

Redheadgal Thu 27-Mar-14 15:53:35

Hi, we live in Whitstable, moved here about 4 years ago and love it. In terms of 'best parts', it depends what you're interested in. The conservation area is lovely, close to town and the beach but small houses and poor parking. Further out, larger houses, more of a walk. Tankerton has a bit of a different feel but is still very pleasant. It feels more like an old fashioned seaside resort. For us, being able to walk easily into town and access the beach etc was a priority but for others it may be access to the train station or Thanet Way. The schools are decent enough - Joy Lane (towards Seasalter) offers both infants and juniors as does Swalecliffe (Tankerton) and St Mary's which is the Catholic school (between Whitstable and Tankerton). In Whitstable there are infant schools at St Alphege (on Oxford Street) and Westmeads (on Cromwell Road) and children from these schools often end up going to either Whitstable Endowed (C of E) School or Whitstable Junior School (both on Oxford Street). Just ask if you have any more questions. x

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