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Betsey23 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:00:33

Hi Guys,
We are looking to complete on our house move to Maidstone from South East London in April. We have our boys down (5(R) & 10(5)) on a few waiting lists, but we have spaces available at a couple of schools. I just wanted to get feedback from locals on a number of schools before we have to choose. You only get one view from an Ofsted report!!

St Pauls Infant School, North Borough Junior, Park Way Primary and Palace Wood Primary.

Many thanks

Amathaunta Fri 14-Mar-14 02:17:33

Have you been round to look at any of them? and are any of them offering both DC a place? and are any of them near where you will be moving to?

DD was offered a place at St Pauls and DH and I took such an instant dislike to it just from looking round it that we turned it down, talking to other parents from playschool whose children are now there, we made the right choice.

I know 2 children at Palace Wood and they seem perfectly happy and their parents are happy with the school.

hck80 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:07:24

Hi, we have just moved to Maidstone (3 weeks ago). And ive just pulled my 5 year old boy out of st Pauls, it was awful. Fortunately ive found a place about 8 mins from where we live that he is going to, I also think they still have space.
we were supposed to look at parkway but just driving past put me off, and ive heard to avoid that school.

Do you know where you are moving too? let me know when your down as we could arrange a meet up somewhere as we both have boys ages 5 in reception year?

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