What is there in Hildenborough? And parking at Tonbridge station.

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Isthereroomforanother Wed 29-Jan-14 09:03:17

Me again!

We are now considering extending our house search to Hildenborough. On a recent quick drive by I spotted a Volvo garage and bridal wear shop. Are there any other shops? And is it a nice area?

If we did go for a Hildenborough option, she would need to drive to Hildenborough or Tonbridge station. Can anyone tell me about parking - e.g. Ease of and costs?

Thank you so much!

VerityLocalEdKent Thu 30-Jan-14 08:23:31

Hi Isthereroomforanother

I tweeted your questions and got quite a few of responses:

@MumsnetKent we often have events for children & always in school hols at our Tuesday am market. Will try & keep you posted!

may help a little, but not much loaded yet

@MumsnetKent Parts of #Hildenborough in a flood plain and some famillies were in 3ft + water over Xmas. Busy roads by schools are very fast such as 40mph by #Sackville School, so it is a bit behind with the times safety wise. Trains like cattle trucks (commuting), often people have to stand, expensive parking so people parking in unsecured side roads

@MumsnetKent At present there is not a lot in Hildenborough, but there is a fantastic new coffee shop on the cards

Hope that's helpful!

Isthereroomforanother Thu 30-Jan-14 19:44:00

Thank you so much! Very kind. Nice coffee shop sounds promising!

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