Playgroups in Thanet

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StarBub Mon 27-Jan-14 11:45:57

Hi all

I am looking for a nice playgroup in Thanet, preferably Margate or Cliftonville, can anyone help?

Emma1098 Wed 05-Feb-14 07:57:22

Have you tried the children's centres? Not really my area but I used to go to 6 bells/Millmead when DCs were younger. They often hold details of local groups too

VerityLocalEdKent Thu 06-Feb-14 07:46:46

Hi StarBub

I've just been contacted by someone who would like to start arranging meet ups in Margate - keep an eye on the meet up page for when it starts!


StarBub Thu 06-Feb-14 10:24:15

Thank you Verity, this is good news!

Also thanks for the reply Emma , the surestart groups aren't really our thing, which is unfortunate as they are definitely closest to us!

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