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AJ106 Wed 08-Jan-14 07:10:18

We are moving to Whitstable from Hackney next month with our two girls (ages 6 & 5). The eldest can be quite shy/sensitive but has done well in the small single year intake school she is in at the moment. The youngest is more outgoing.

There are spaces available for them both at Joy Lane and while I was impressed with how Joy Lane assess and teach the kids I am worried that it felt very big, a little unfriendly, and friends of mine I the town know very little about it (does that mean that it would be harder for us all to settle into the local community if we went there?).

There is also space for the youngest to go to St Mary's and the older one to go to St Alphege and then join the youngest in St Mary's next year or possibly go to Endowed or Junior depending on where we get a place. I am going to visit these schools next week.

I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations based on their experiences? My biggest worry about the move is the whole school thing as both are happy where they are.

Thanks a lot.

EastKentMum Fri 10-Jan-14 18:29:43

The schools in Whitstable are generally very good. My son is at St Alphege nursery - Sunbeams. That's our first choice with Westmeads a close second for September. Everyone I know at either school is very happy there. The Endowed has an excellent reputation and is a Church of England school - if that is a factor for you. I know less about Whitstable Junior school I'm afraid. Don't be overwhelmed by the size of Joy Lane - it has great facilities like a swimming pool and a good reputation. A few of my friends have children there and lots of locals have it as a first choice. 3 close friends have children at St Mary's catholic school and they are happy. Have you visited the schools? What does your heart say? Check out Blean Primary if you have a car. It isn't far and a couple of families I know have children who are very happy and it runs all the way through the year groups. Really good luck and remember it's unlikely you'll make a bad choice! Just think of all the kids coming out of school and hanging out on the beach in the summer! It's a ball. Looking forward to seeing you here!

Whitstablemumof4 Fri 10-Jan-14 18:59:50

If you have the opportunity to send your kids to st Mary's I would recommend you take it. All the schools in whitstable are pretty good but st Mary's has always had an excellent reputation and amongst locals is considered the best. All my 4 children went there and it catered for all of them even though they're all very different. They all loved it and did well.

heronsfly Fri 10-Jan-14 19:34:36

I agree with the other posters, all the schools in Whitstable are good.
Endowed is a lovely school, resonably small with good results and happy pupils, it is a junior school only, I cant remember the feeder primary school, I think it might be westmeads.
But given the choice I would also go for St Marys, the children are happy and acheive great results, every child seems to be stretched to the best of their ability. Disapline and behaviour are excellent.
They are very hot on uniform, personally I think the children look great but I know enforced uniform is a touchy subject on here grin
There is a strong Catholic ethos throughout the school and some years tend to be oversubscribed, good luck with wherever you choose, all the schools are good we are very lucky in this area.

AJ106 Fri 17-Jan-14 16:18:14

Thanks for the advice everyone - very much appreciated.

This whole moving thing is very stressful!

We visited all the schools this week and in the end I think we are going to send the youngest to Joy Lane and the eldest to St Alphege with the hope of getting into Endowed or joining her sister in Joy Lane in September. As everyone said, I don't think there is a wrong decision to be made as all schools seemed good. In the end we went with what we felt suited each child.

Looking forward to just getting there now!

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