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Lillylu Tue 07-Jan-14 04:02:38

Hello there, just wondering if anyone can help me? We are moving to Tunbridge Wells in June this year. I have no clue about the area, community or schools but have managed to do a little research. Although, don't know how accurate the information may be on primary schools. I have two daughters both will require primary school placements for September this year. My findings have highlighted that Langton Green, Claremont and Groombridge St Thomas are the top three in this area. Can anyone share their thoughts on this or advise me otherwise pls. Eternally grateful for any feedback. Many Thx.

BESTMUM2014 Tue 04-Feb-14 10:24:03

Where about in Tunbridge Wells are you going to live.
Langton Green & Groombridge are a drive away.

Clarmont and St James are the best in Tunbridge Wells.

pudseypie Tue 04-Feb-14 15:23:58

Yes depends where you are going to live. Langton Green is very good, and also Bishops Down. My ds is not school age yet but I follow local school info with interest for when he is. We are in Rusthall, where the school is to be avoided in my opinion and I don't want my ds to go there, but the new Free school opened in Sept on the old hospital site has some good reports from parents I've spoken to whose dc's attend. You need to live almost in the playground of Claremont to get in I've heard.

LovewhereIlive Fri 07-Feb-14 11:21:19

Primary schools in the area are oversubscribed - the good ones are extremely difficult to get into with schools like Claremont and Bishops Down having an almost exclusively sibling intake this year. You need to do your research very carefully - your best resource is to look at the KCC applying to primary school booklet where it will show you the last admitted child into each school - Claremont was 0.18 miles last year for example. If you are in catchment for Langton, you won't be close enough to Groombridge or St James for example! Don't be duped by the EAs saying 'in catchment for'...because there are no catchment areas - it's purely distance from the school. The Free School operates different term times and the school day starts at 8am - finishing at 2.30 and there is 'flexi school' on a Friday - so be aware of that if you need childcare etc around the school day (I was on the founding committee so am biased about this being a good school!). You don't say whether you need Reception places for this year (the deadline has passed) or if you need in year places -some schools (Claremont) wouldn't even talk to a friend of mine about in year places this year as their waiting lists are so extensive.....

The other thing to be aware of is that competition for family houses in catchments for good schools are going to sealed bids and there is extremely hot competition for good houses - it's definitely a sellers market at the moment.

Happy to chat/email further - DM me if you want more information.

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