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Betsey23 Sun 15-Dec-13 07:45:16

Hi everyone

I am new to this and whilst I have used Mumsnet for years, this is my first post!
My family and I are moving to Maidstone from SE London in the new year and I am feeling extremely nervous. We are going to be on Hastings road and we do not know anyone in the area. I am particularly nervous for my boys (5 and 10) and am keen to meet up with other Mums and get involved in the area (school etc) as soon as we move. I am unsure as yet what school(s) we will be offered as it will be a case of where there is space.
Any comments on the area, places or schools to avoid and just any info generally on Maidstone as an area and living there with a family would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

WoodDragon Sun 15-Dec-13 10:15:49

Not sure it's a good idea to share the name of your street with everyone on here tbf.

I don't live in Maidstone, but I have worked there for a short time and shopping there was (is?) fab!

Sara007 Sun 16-Feb-14 15:57:40

Hi Betsey did u move?
I moved from South East London to Sutton Road in July last year with a then 7 and 11 year old and totally understand your fears,we new no one here at all and relied heavily on feedback from mumsnet mostly negative and nearly cancelled the house purchase...thank god i never,my kids r in school,i now work in town and we totally love it x It has been somewhat of a culture shock in parts and i am still in awe every time i get stuck behind a tractor on my sons school run,its amazing how you have the up to date moderness of shops in town 15 mins one way and farms and complete open space 15 mins the other...i will never get bored here and love what it offers for children x let me know how you got on? what schools you chose. and i really hope it alll went well,if u ever need advice or a friend i would be glad to meet up for coffee :-)

Betsey23 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:14:46

Hi sara,
Just tried to message you but it was coming up saying the nickname was incorrect. Can you PM me so we can chat.

Lorrs14 Tue 11-Mar-14 10:35:57

I'm brand new on Mumsnet and this is my first post! I'm also moving to Maidstone shortly with my 3 boys that I homeschool. How did you get on Betsey? Are you happy with the move?

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