Shoreham village school

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AnyaParish Thu 21-Nov-13 00:03:57

Hi, we are thinking of moving to Shoreham. My son is due to start school next year so part of the attraction was the village school that looked good but last week I saw they had a new Ofsted report and they are now rated inadequate. Now I am confused about what to do. We do like the village. Does anyone have children in there or know anything about the school to let me know whether it really went downhill and share your opinion and experiences? Normally they put inadequate school in special measures and maybe they will quickly bring it back up. Is anything getting done there to help it improve? Many thanks!

Anon98 Wed 27-Nov-13 14:30:16

The school is getting help and time now invested to get it up to speed. It's very much a local school with an emphasis on being part of the community, though not always academically pushing to the full potential. Would advise you to have a look around, reports do not always give the full picture. Shoreham is a lovely village to live in. if you decide not to go for the village school, there are some other excellent schools locally in surrounding villages with good/outstanding ofsted reports.

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