Toddler groups or summer activities near Weald, Sevenoaks.

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Goodidea80 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:57:15

Can anyone recommend any toddler groups in and around Weald, Sevenoaks? My DS is 20 months and I am looking to meet some Mums within the area. We have just moved to Weald. We lived in Sevenoaks before for a year but I never got around to finding any groups as I returned to working in London. I am now expecting number two, due in October, and would really love to meet some mums in the area before the second one arrives.

Corylusavellana Thu 15-Aug-13 08:11:39

Hiya, I live near Weald too, and have a 3.5yr old and a 21month old DSs. And expecting DC3 at end of november, so in a similar set up to you. I met some sevenoaks MN mums last week, and they were very nice, with kids of varying ages. They also know all the activities and groups around here! There are plans to meet again, but they are using a FB group now; if you post on the Sevenoaks meetups message board someone can add you to the FB group which is a secret/closed one and then you can keep an eye on meet ups. Alternatively, you could meet me and my two some time; do you drive? Tonbridge playground is free which is a bonus IMO!

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