New job relocation to West Malling / Kingshill area - primary schools?

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Ceils Mon 29-Jul-13 16:23:32

thanks to you both. Garden size is a good one as we have been rather spoiled in our current place. I assume Kingshill gardens are small as its a new development.

WestMallingDad Sat 20-Jul-13 16:24:59

Both Areas are great places to live. Kings hill has a couple of schools which have good Ofsted reports. But I would point you towards West Malling school it is a fantastic school with a Great Young Headmaster.
They have just had their best ever year 6 results of which my son was part of. As for lifestyle West Malling is the social hub with many pubs & restuarants. Kings Hill has a pub & restuarants + Asdas & a small Waitrose.
As for the Stepford wives Kings Hill is not full of them it has that tag due to there being a bit of money in places up there. There are some that are barbiesq as with any residential area. Its great for cycling and and walks the downside is the garden sizes. I have lived in both places & I personally prefer West Malling but the people are nice enough in both locations.

Also bear in mind Senior Schools these involve public transport to Maidstone,Wrotham,Aylesford,Paddock Wood,Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells etc etc

Redshoesnonickers Tue 09-Jul-13 18:33:32

West malling really nice. Kings hill is stepford wife central. Doesn't appeal. Some like.

Ceils Mon 08-Jul-13 21:29:39

Will relocate to Kent later this year for a job in West Malling. Looking for good primary schools in/around that area and a nice safe family friendly place to live. Happy to commute up to 20-25minutes if West Malling or Kingshill are not good areas. Sorry - Do not know Kent at all so would love some local advice on good areas to consider. Equally useful would be insight on areas to perhaps avoid that might have poorer performing schools or traffic/crime problems. smile

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