Calling Margate-dwellers!! What's it like? Really?

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fumerella Mon 24-Jun-13 00:28:04


I would love to hear from people who have made a move to Margate work. My partner and I are musicians. We have two boys, 6 years and 18 months. We live in London at the moment and want to move mainly due to rent being ridiculously expensive and also to be by the sea.

I've read lots of negative things about Margate but would love to hear from people who actually live there. I'm particularly interested to hear from people who do creative things. I have lived in places in London that are not very smart but have a great energy and community and so am not completely scared off by a bit of graff and a few drunkards on a Friday night.

What are its best areas? Where to avoid? What are its redeeming features? What is the worst thing about it? What is the creative community like? What's it like for kids?

Thanks in advance!

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