Relocating from Australia to Kent

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Mikmat Sat 22-Jun-13 02:36:51

Hi Mums,

My family are relocating from Brisbane, Australia to Kent for my husband's job. I've never been to the UK, so am starting from scratch.

Any advice/comments on all aspects welcomed!

Should we choose state or private schools? My kids are 5 and 7. The company would pay for private schooling. I am after the friendly community feel which our current private school has, is this also the case with private schools in Kent? Ay views on Kings Junior School?

Housing - I would like to find a friendly, child-focussed community. Which areas should I avoid? My husband's job is in Sandwich, so we would have to live within a reasonable distance from there. What is Wingham like?

I've been looking online at rental properties and the majority seem to be student housing, is there a local agent that may not be advertised online?



verity07 Sat 22-Jun-13 14:30:47


Exciting news about the relocation!

If your husband is working in Sandwich, I can recommend Canterbury. It will only be a 20/30 minute commute for him and there is lots to do for families in Canterbury:

Wincheap is a lovely village though if you're looking for that! They also have a fantastic wildlife park there:

There are some great state schools in the local area. This site looks like it could be helpful:

It is also worth checking out the Ofsted reports once you have narrowed down the area.

I don't know much about Kings, but hopefully someone else will be along to help!

In relation to rental properties it might be an idea to register with some local agents who can keep you in mind. We've used Williams Estates: Or have you looked at Rightmove as they cover lots of different agents?

Hope that has been some help!

Mikmat Sun 23-Jun-13 10:20:24

Thanks so much. I have been researching on Ofsted and there are so many good schools to choose from.

The houses seem to rent very quickly so I guess I will just have to wait until we get there.

lookoveryourshouldernow Thu 27-Jun-13 09:50:07

....Verity07 - I am assuming that you meant WINGHAM rather than WINCHEAP or did you ????

verity07 Thu 27-Jun-13 14:33:53

Ooops! Yes meant Wingham!

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