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Worrier1 Wed 29-May-13 08:02:43

Please could anyone offer advice on Walthamstow senior school, Sevenoaks? Some info on entrance requirements (i.e how difficult is entrance test?), would be gratefully received!!

FanfareProperty Wed 29-May-13 23:23:49

Hi, my name is Jo Smetham and I run a property search and relocation business in and around Sevenoaks ( We regularly talk to clients regarding schooling options and as I have 2 daughters, one already at Independent girls secondary, I can hopefully give you both a professional and personal insight.
If you are looking in the state system, you basically have three choices and will need to sit the 11+ entrance exam in early September for the following September intake. First thing to mention is that competition for places is fierce given that all 3 Schools (Tonbridge Girls, Tunbridge Wells Girls and Weald) have good reputations. Hence, tutoring is big business and the good ones get booked up a couple if years in advance.!! I have listed them in order of academic quality and you will need pretty much full marks for Tunbridge Girls, with Weald having a lower entry score but still needing a pass. Another option is Hillview School for girls in Tonbridge which has a performing arts academy status if your daughter has a strong interest/talent in this area - being non-fee paying, again, competition for places is tough.
In terms of private girls schools for girls living Sevenoaks and/or surrounding villages, you basically have 3 choices again, and they each have their own strengths. Firstly, (and in no particular order), you have Walthamstow Hall. It is located in central Sevenoaks, within walking distance of the town centre and has a great record of academic achievement. It is more of a 'town' school and so does not have the significant grounds of some of the others but it does offer a fantastic new swimming pool complex and is renowned for its lacrosse success. They also have a splendid theatre and so are strong on the performing arts. There isn't a big difference, but if I had to choose, Walthamstow Hall is probably the most selective academically and therefore expectations will be high, both in terms of entrance exam, which is normally early October in the year preceding entry, and academic achievement going forward.
Secondly, there is Kent College Pembury. This is a 25 min (private) bus ride from Sevenoaks, and is closer to Tunbridge Wells. It is a boarding and day school, situated in a beautiful location within significant grounds. Whilst it certainly can demonstrate academic excellence, it is also very focused on the individual girl's personal growth, with a significant extra curricular programme in both the arts and sport, and has a real "ladies college" feel. They tend to pride themselves on the number of first choice universities achieved rather than numbers for Oxbridge.
Finally, and by no means least, there is Coombe Bank.
Probably the least selective of the independents and by far the cheapest if it is a consideration, and the intake much smaller compared to others. The grounds and site are extensive and situated approx. 4 miles west of Sevenoaks town centre.
All of the schools have great websites and run open days for girls and parents during the year prior to entrance exams with appointments/tours welcomed at other times.
I hope you find these comments helpful - feel free to contact me directly for further insight, I would be more than happy to help.

Worrier1 Thu 30-May-13 19:19:11

Thank you very much for your advice!!! Aiming for W Hall, so keeping everything crossed!

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