? moving to tonbridge area - paddock wood, need advice re schools

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jessmaguire Fri 28-Jun-13 22:44:58

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2plus3 Fri 24-May-13 11:57:35

Hello, I currently have two children at Paddock Wood Primary.

As a whole we have been very pleased with this school, we where concerned because of the size of the school 570 children!! Three classes in every year, but its very well divided up.

The reception is in a building of its own with its own playground, years 1 and 2 are together in their area and then the rest of the school has another playground! The grounds are large!!! With outside learning areas and wildlife area.

The teaching staff are lovely, and constantly surprise me with how well they seem to know my children!

I'm unaware of any drop in numbers, I know that the reception intake last year was lower, but this year all three classes are full.

We are getting a new headmaster next school year, and the word on the playground is that he will be perfect for taking the school forward, a dynamic sort of chap. We wait to see!!

There is a breakfast club at school, with after school care provided by Barnies at the Hop Farm, they collect from school in the Barnies bus!!
Hope that helps and that someone from East P comes along to help soon.

Any question please ask!!

dandog Mon 13-May-13 04:16:50

Hi. We are moving back to the UK this summer and have been looking online at schools around Tonbridge. Does anyone currently have children at East Peckham or Paddock Wood primary school? Interested in feedback on both schools. Is there a reason for the fall in pupil numbers at Paddock Wood school? East Peckham seems to be on the up - is this the case? Thanks for your help and your personal experiences would be invaluable to me right now.

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