Is Ashford changing for the better?

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Knittingnin Fri 29-Mar-13 11:20:50

Dear all,

We are considering moving to Ashford. DH can commute and education looks good for my DC. I've scrolled through HUNDREDS! grin of threads on kent and Ashford and lots of people seem not to rate Ashford, the town, or its schools, at all. But a friend of mine, living in an Ashford village so might be biased!, thinks that Ashford main town is changing? That it's becoming 'smarter', more new houses are being built apparently etc etc. And that the Grammar school in Ashford is having an extra class to meet demand.

Are they correct? Are things changing? All honest opinions welcome because this will be a big (and final!) move for us. smile

kentmum2 Tue 28-May-13 09:29:42

We have lived in Ashford over 10 years. On the whole we have been happy here. The town centre is not great for shopping. We have been lucky with schools . Ds was very happy at primary and doing well at local grammar.
I think you need to choose carefully the area you live in.

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