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Fink Fri 07-Oct-11 14:26:29

Hello all,

I've newly moved to Sevenoaks and I'm wondering about maternity services (only at TTC stage so far but a chronic planner!). I've seen the new birthing centre advertised, does anyone know whether they (or any other midwife-led units) will accept women from Sevenoaks or only from more locally?

Am seriously considering lying and saying I live with my parents shock if it will mean being able to use a midwife-led unit, nearly got one last time but was transfered to hospital because of a suspected latex allergy angry.

Ok, so not the most urgent of concerns, but it's good to get these things sorted!

Thanks for any info.

MayDayChild Fri 07-Oct-11 21:33:55

Isn't pembury midwife led only anyway? They have recently made a lot of changes. I'm sure each hospital website actually shows this stuff nowadays

PanicMode Sun 09-Oct-11 09:20:24

There's also a fantastic birthing centre in Crowborough - but I guess Maidstone is probably closer for you? I can't see why they wouldn't take you, assuming you are a low risk pregnancy/birth.

I had my last two at the old Pembury hospital, which had a 'home from home' unit within the actual delivery suite - so that bit was separate and midwife led, with the back up of the full kaboodle if it was needed - I have no idea if that is the same with the new hospital but I'm sure that you can find out from the website or phoning them up.

(Though honestly, I wouldn't worry about all of this stuff until you are pregnant!!)

Fink Fri 14-Oct-11 13:16:08

Thanks peeps! The website's are really useful, all I really wanted to know was whether they would accept women from a different NHS trust, some do some don't. I guess you're right - I'll get pregnant first then start my campaign for a midwife-led unit wink

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