moving to TW - procrastinating endlessly

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maggie75 Tue 30-Aug-11 21:53:43

Hi there,

Am procrastinating endlessly about moving away from East London with my DH and 3.10 yr old DD. Any TW London expats that can help us decide? The usual reasons against - lots of friends, fab transport (dont drive - realise would need to learn asap if moved), sooooo much to do - museums, events, groovy arty vibe.

Mostly friends though, have a good, old friend in TW with kids, which is great, but obv would need to get out there myself and make new pals. Which I dread - Im not shy but find it v difficult to get past the chatting in park/nursery to swopping numbers and following up. Also DD woul dmiss her life/friends here desperately - i know sounds ridiculous as she is so little! Thats why if we go, we need to go now though, not in a couple of years, to get there so she doesnt have to move schools.

SO please help! TW seems so quiet after E London, i know thats a good thing in many ways, but am terrified Ill get there and regret it ...

PanicMode Thu 01-Sep-11 09:31:56

TW is as quiet or lively as you want it to be really - and you are only 45 minutes from London, so easy to get back to the museums etc.

We moved here almost 4 years ago from SW London and haven't regretted it for a second - there is loads going on here (we have theatres and museums here too you know wink) and as your DD would be at nursery and shortly starting school, you will find that you will meet people really easily. It's a very friendly place and there are hundreds of London expats, so most of us have trodden the making friends path recently and understand that it's hard.

maggie75 Thu 01-Sep-11 10:16:06

Hi there, thanks for your reply ... think i just need a pep talk and to pull myself together! Thats one of the things that attracts us to TW - is that it does have its own cultural life and is its 'own place' rather than being a satellite of London. Great to know thats its friendly adn the folk rememeber beign the 'new girl'!

We'd have to rent now as have left it too late to sell and buy. So finding a rental in a suitable area, then a house to buy is all a challenge in itself. There is so little on the market in the good catchments - a good thing that its not a transient place, but frustrating from a buyers point of view.

Getting DD into a preschool is also giving me palpitations as well. She def needs to go somewhere, she would miss it dreadfully if not, also a way for her to make friends as we'd be leaving her pals behind (sob!).

Any receommendations for preschools/nurseries walking distance from Culverden Down area? I know about Bishops Down's school nursery so am waiting for them to reopen to quiz them, dont hold out an enormous amount of hope on that one though.

PanicMode Tue 06-Sep-11 08:13:27

Sorry for the delay - been a mad back to school/nursery scramble this week!

I am not sure about preschools as I've always used The Alphabet Train, which is full. There is St Augustine's Nursery, Teddies, and I know that there is a new nursery called Little Cottage Nursery in Culverden but I don't know their availability.....

Perhaps you had better luck with Bishop's Down - best of luck with it all! It's a well worn path, so you won't be alone once you get here!!

HomeFinderFiona Tue 20-Sep-11 19:23:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

sallybash Sun 25-Sep-11 17:56:58

Hi Maggie

Just read your post as I am in the same dilema! We are in East London and need to move out as house now too small for our DS 2.5 and one more on the way, we are thinking about TWells but I dont know anyone or have family there. Hoping that if we do move there wont feel cut off from people in London and in a place where it is hard to meet people.

Prehaps we can help each other make the move!?



maggie75 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:31:27

Hi Sally, We are doing it! We sign our rental contract on a place in TW this weekend, v scary, but also excited. We shall also be leaving E London behind, we have a happy life here, but time for a change. Our DD is a but older than yours - nearly 4. We've been forced to make the decision so we are in place to make the schools application for 2012 start. Any decisions yet? Have you been over to have a look around?

lalapa Thu 06-Oct-11 14:16:42

Hi maggie, we moved to TW Friday 23rd Sept, I really understand your fears I don't have any friend or family here but so far it looks very good and people are very friendly and shop assistants helpful.
My husband loves this town I am Italian and I never felt home sick in London hope will be the same here certainly the first winter will be hard.
We bought a house not far from the Pantiles so we may bump into each other

PanicMode Fri 07-Oct-11 08:48:10

Best of luck with all of the moves everyone - perhaps we should have a coffee meet up one morning once you're all here?

maggie75 Thu 20-Oct-11 11:23:05

Thanks Panic Mode. We'll be moving over in December, so would be great to meet for a coffee to meet new faces and get the lowdown from TW old hands!

Ill get in touch nearer the time. Thanks for all the advice, the decision is made, rental sorted, house on the market!

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