Any bereaved parents want to help others?

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Phorn Fri 28-Jan-11 12:19:57

SANDS ( still birth and neonatal death charity) are looking to set up a local bereavement support in the Maidstone area.

We are a charity of bereaved parents who offer support and guidance to other bereaved parents and we are looking for parents from the maidstone area to train and help run the maidstone group.

We currently hold groups in tunbridge Wells and bexley heath but want to offer something more local.

Anyone interested please let me know.


lizalmond Sun 20-Feb-11 10:56:55

Hi Penny

I may be interested in doing this. Do I have to be a parent though?

I had a miscarriage last week (at 13 weeks)and I am kind of shocked about how little support there is for anyone in my position. I am fortunate to have very supportive family and friends around me. I have many personal skills which have allowed me to work immediately on my emotional wellbeing this week as I am trained as a holistic therapist and coach and it would be good to be able to have the opportunity to empathise with others and support them.

I realise that you may think that it is too early for me to be involved in something like this, however coming across your posting today (I've never been on mumsnet before) to me is a sign that I should explore this opportunity further.

Please email me direct on

Liz )

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