Indoor Softplay in/near Ashford

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liamsdaddy Tue 16-Nov-10 08:51:03

We are going to a family funeral in the Ashford area latter this week.

I'm not expecting DS 19mo to sit through the service which is in the afternoon, but it would be nice to get him to expend some energy.

Can anyone suggest any good indoor soft play areas for the case that the weather is wet?

Hopefully the weather is dry, I've located a couple of outdoor play areas and some open space that are close where we are staying in the north of ashford.

ethelina Tue 16-Nov-10 09:35:12

Hi there. Imagine is quite good. Map is linked on the bottom of the webpage. My nephews have both had fun there.

liamsdaddy Tue 16-Nov-10 11:03:14

Thanks, I'll have a look at that. Hopefully my sat-nav can find it!

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