Kent Life - 3 yr old party

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mumovone Wed 06-Oct-10 15:36:03

Has anyone ever held/been to a party at the Kent Life, Maidstone? Would really appreciate some views as was considering booking it for my son? Many thanks

MrsY Sun 31-Oct-10 21:54:51


I've been to one, but it was for an older childer - I think he was 8. I love Kent Life, though, and it looks good value.

Another place to try is Tiny Town - the new play barn in Aylesford...

HappyMrs Tue 11-Oct-11 21:06:21

Ditto ....I love Kent girl is 3 and we went to a party there in the summer, it was great and the staff are second to none...very engaging and fab with the kids - nothing is too much trouble. the Soft play is brilliant and the adults can take in food they don't mind you eating it in the cafe which is a really nice thing these days. I would definately go again and recommend a party for any ages between about 3 and 10.

Tiny town is also good but the food/catering is terrible.

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