Chelsea Open Air Nursery School

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jojo55 Tue 13-Mar-12 09:42:54

My three children went there to chelsea open air nursery, looks fun, amazing, lovely facilities and after nursery hours service, a free of charge, kind off, place for the wealthy and the well off living in chelsea, all of these are fantastic features. However, our three children were highly persecuted there as we were half british. My first daughter has been accused of less ability to receive and understand, my second was accused of behaviour problems as he was a bit hyper than all. The third as he was very calm was accused of hearing problems which appeared to be untrue when taken to have a hearing check. At the end all efforts were made from their sides to put my children on SEN and we as parent were forced more than once to sign papers that fortunately we refused to sign. We are very well educated people with PHD and BSc from the UK but yet this is it discrimination against us. I was praying to find a place in any other nursery and i managed to move one followed by the other two. They flourished in the new nursery and came out a lot than i ever expected. that ensured our children complained from the ignorance and bad treatment they were receiving in COANS and which we at that time found hard to believe. by little attention from the other nursery, we have seen the best of our children. So finally, my advice, if you are full British go a head if not forgot about it.

Michaelah Tue 07-Apr-09 18:44:04

Does anyone have a child at Chelsea Open Air Nursery School (or formerly at)? Am not wholly happy with the nursery school ds is at and am looking to move him for his second year. I know chances are slim because of waiting lists etc, but trying to do my research in case get lucky!

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