Babysitting rates, what do you pay?

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Sal73 Sun 06-Jul-08 10:14:31

I ws just wondering what the going rate is for babysitters. We pay £8 ph (and I usually round up) but I noticed a post for a babysitter charging £10 ph. Would hate to think that we are underpaying our babysitters! What does everyone else pay? Thanks

jemmalou Sun 06-Jul-08 21:09:29

our babysittter asks for 8/h but usually end up giving 10/h so something around that is fine especially if you are rounding up. pays to keep them sweet i reckon so they'll be more inclined to help you out last minute etc.

Sal73 Mon 07-Jul-08 14:38:27

Thanks so much for replying & yes, I agree, rather pay bit extra to keep them happy
Thanks again for replying!

hillbilly Thu 10-Jul-08 14:15:49

Our sitter asked for 8-10 per hour so we give her 10. My dd adores her so I think it's worth it. And also she comes over from New Cross so I think it's only fair she gets more.

orangina Thu 10-Jul-08 14:32:23

We pay our babysitter £8/hour plus a taxi home. Our old nanny now charges £10/hour, which I don't think is unusual, but certainly pushes up the price of an evening out....

Sal73 Sun 13-Jul-08 11:31:08

Yes, we also pay for their taxi home so all in all does add a fair bit to the cost of the night out. Thank you all for replying, much appreciated

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