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kitty1kat Wed 27-Feb-08 02:19:38

Hi all - I am currently living in Australia but moving to the Holland Park area in June. I've got a 5 month year old, and was wondering about nurseries in the area. Is it the same as it is in Australia - do you have to have your name down from the moment you conceive to have any chance of getting into a good nursery?! I am planning on going back to work three days a week and would be keen to get him into childcare at least 2 days a week (my MIL will have him the other day). Does anyone have any comments or advice?

slinkiemalinki Thu 28-Feb-08 23:47:52

Non-childcare nurseries (i.e. those from 2.5+, mornings only) are as you mention and extremely competitive here (particularly places like Acorn, Rolfes, Miss Delaney's). But childcare nurseries I think are more flexible. I know some friends had Kids Unlimited on Ladbroke Grove recommended to them although neither went through with the place in the end (and one enquired very late for a place for 2 days a week and they had one, although after a trial my friend decided to employ a nanny instead). Sorry fairly flimsy advice but noticed you were without a reply. You could also try the nurseries board as this board is v.quiet.

DeathwatchBeetle73 Mon 03-Mar-08 15:54:18

Hi Kitty,

We have used KU on Ladbroke Grove for over 2 years, and are very pleased with it. Not cheap, but then no private nursery in Holland Park will be!

Sal73 Tue 11-Mar-08 00:06:49

We also have our son at that KU & we too are happy with it, as is he.
When I looked into it I didn't find that many childcare nurseries in this area, if you want a complete list you could contact Kensington & Chelsea council who should be able to supply you with a list of all the nurseries (& I think childminders) in the borough.
I'm Australian myself so know everything works a bit different here than it does back home & happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hillbilly Tue 06-May-08 13:18:00

Also have dd at KU Ladbroke grove for 2 mornings a week and have done for the past 2 years. She is very happy there and we are too on the whole.

kitty1kat Fri 29-Aug-08 15:26:23

(a very belated) thanks to all for the advice. As we have now arrived her, will check out KU and also look at the nurseries board. Cheers

kitty1kat Fri 12-Sep-08 22:14:41

In case anyone is interested, I checked out KU this week and was impressed. Have also met several people with children there and all are happy with it, which I guess is the best thing! He's starting in a few weeks...

hester Fri 12-Sep-08 22:28:11

Oh good, glad you got sorted kittykat. I was going to suggest Holland Park pre-school on Holland Park Road - I decided not to use it myself, but it has a good reputation and good Ofsted reports.

Welcome to Holland Park!

kitty1kat Sun 14-Sep-08 12:12:34

Thanks Hester - just before I confirm KU, did you mean 'Holland Park Pre-Prep and Day Nursery' on Holland Rd (which looks lovely and I think I might go and check that out too!), or is there another one I can't find?

hester Sun 14-Sep-08 23:15:01

Yes, that's right. There's also 'Holland Park Pre-School' which is actually in the park, but that's for 2+. Sorry to confuse you by getting the names muddled - the one you mention is definitely the one I mean.

kitty1kat Fri 26-Sep-08 09:23:43

it looks sooo nice -and is the same price as KU. Unfortunately booked out til Feb next year, but I think I may put him down for it anyway just in case! Thanks

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