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KarenFive Fri 28-Sep-07 19:18:47

Hi, will be having my first baby at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in February (if he/she arrives on time...) and would love to hear from anyone who's recently had or will have a baby there. Not having much luck so far finding out what its maternity services are like...

Ozz Wed 03-Oct-07 13:01:19

Hi KarenFive, same here..I am hoping to be there around late January, may be in Feb..I sneaked into the maternity ward last time, and everything looked calm and under control to me..and in general I have heard good things about it. I have booked for a proper hospital tour in december though and their antenatal classes (not at the hospital, but at my local GP in Parsons Green) should have a better idea nearer the time.

SazzaK Wed 03-Oct-07 22:31:48

A friend just had her second baby there a week ago and was very happy. I had my daughter there too last year (although in the Kensington ward). Nice hospital. Feels modern and clean unlike most!

FebruaryMummy Thu 04-Oct-07 08:29:39

Hi SazzaK. Out of interest, did you do all your antenatal care privately at the C&W as well? The reason I ask is that I was also looking at the Kensington Ward but because I'm using the NHS for the rest of my care, they can't guarantee me a room - or might even have to chuck me out of the private room if a 'proper' private patient turns up! Didn't know if it was worth following up? Or how it compares with the standard maternity ward?

SazzaK Fri 05-Oct-07 00:10:45

Hi FebruaryMummy - yes I was private for antenatal too and had my appointments with the midwives on the Kensington. I didn't want to run the risk of there not being a room, or of being turfed out(!), so I went for private midwifery care.

LTSam Thu 11-Oct-07 11:33:14

I am due in 2 weeks at Chelsea and Westminster. Have had NHS midwifery and although its not particularly personal, it has suited me. I am due to have NHS birth but may move to private ward for a night if there is room and can stomach the extra cost - although, it would be cheaper to go and get a suite at the Ritz probably.

Have had a few people who claim it is good - the hospital not the Ritz.

FebruaryMummy Fri 12-Oct-07 10:40:44

Hi LTSam - I think the Kensington Ward is about £800 a night, so yes, the Ritz might be cheaper!

MagicMonkey Wed 24-Oct-07 15:54:44

Had DS at Chel and West NHS (hideous experience - though I hear not representative of most experiences there) then went to private ward for a night after the birth. That night was the best money I have ever spent. I would thoroughly recommend trying to get a private room if you can get/afford it. Next time I would go private for the whole thing.

mamasue Fri 07-Dec-07 16:53:55

I had my baby at Chelsea last February - all was lovely until I hit the post-natal ward. Emergency C-section required me to stay for four days and it felt like a prison sentence. Surly overnight staff and hideously dirty surroundings (from the floors to the bathrooms and everywhere else)made for a tough start. However, I know many Mums who had a great experience with no problems at all (all with normal births, of course). Hard to say really. Not sure what I would do for a future birth.

MassiveMollyfloss Wed 19-Dec-07 17:24:16


I am due in April and am going to C&W. I have found everything so far excellent although I am going fully private (Kensington ward). In fact I chose C&W over Portland because I heard such good stuff and also because the Portland cannot deal with everything when the baby is born if there are any problems and there is a small risk of being transferred.

However, My SIL also had her DS (now 2) & DD (now 4) at the C&W and did everything through the NHS and she had a great experience. She had a caesarean both times. She found the staff great.

SazzaK Sun 30-Dec-07 23:56:17

which doc massive mollyfloss? is he/she working out well? I was at the C&W Kensington (midwifery-led tho) - interested to hear all experiences of the obstetricians there for next time round!

jane1234 Wed 02-Jan-08 14:32:58


I've had both my children and C&W on the NHS. The care I recieved during labour was excellent and couldn't be faulted. With my daughter in 2006 the post natal ward was pretty poor- unclean, not enough staff and a general feeling of not getting the help adn care that you needed. However, I had my son there this OCtober and it was much improved - very clean and seemingly more staff around to help who also smiled a lot more! I still find it tough being on a general ward after birth as it's v difficult to get any sleep as even if your baby's not crying someone else's is! Still, I'd rather save the 800 quid for a flash weekend away!

zilly Mon 07-Jan-08 20:37:00

I had my daughter in May 06 on the NHS, I never saw the same midwife twice in the lead up to the birth and was not impressed. On the day though they were wonderful. Two scottish girls who extended their shifts to see me through.
However I gave birth (finally!) at 1130pm and left about 12 hours later once I had tried the food!
Fairly Sleepless night of course but I was too busy checking out the new arrival to care.
Good luck with it all, it will be fine.

Emmteethree Sun 31-Jul-11 21:00:41

Anybody recently (2011) had their baby at Chelsea Westminster? Im booked to have my DS there in 2 weeks and wanted to know more about the NHS after-care there now?

Mashkin Thu 23-Feb-12 12:59:38

Hello, I'm due to have my baby via CS at C&W (privately) in June and was wondering if anyone had their baby there and what it was like? Read all the comments about NHS and it does not sound good, so was wondering whether Kensington Wing has a different approach. Also does anyone know of any antenatal classes tailored to CS, rather than natual birth around Chelsea as it turned out that C&W discontinued their private classes that focus on CS?

Thanks in advance.

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