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flatsearch8 Tue 02-Aug-16 15:50:07

Dear mums,

I am considering moving to K&C from Westminster (St John's Wood) as I want a rock-solid state primary school for my DS and Westminster looses to K&C big time on it.

I am considering St Barnabas & ST Philip's, Mary Abbot's, Bousfield, St Joseph's RC, Oratory RC Primary (Bury Walk / Cale St), Christ Church, Our Lady of Victories and Fox.

Our child was baptised in Catholic Church after his 1st BD; we've been attending a Catholic church in Westminster for years (will get a Certificate of Catholic Practice & CIF) - so not in K&C in general and obviously not the target school's church.

We're both non-British but highly educated intl business/finance professionals.

We're renting our flat - so we'll be moving "for real" - no dirty tricks.

I'd hugely appreciate any tips for the above school's admissions from those who's "been there".

In particular, I wonder if the faith schools bypass their official admissions criteria in favour of their own church members/sponsors/volunteers and/or particular nationality or income level of parents - something I've picked up on from MumsNet.

I need to ensure we're not being naive as moving homes is a very painful and expensive step, especially having lived happily in our current area for 7 years.

Also, how is K&C in terms of parks and playgrounds? - is it just Holland Park and Diana's playground in Hyde Park?

Many thanks to those who'd take their time to reply!!!

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