Babysitting in hotel - Mayfair area

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missholland Wed 13-Jun-12 23:04:33

Sorry, I was suppose to write Friday instead of Saturday;-)

missholland Wed 13-Jun-12 23:01:41

Hi, I'm a very experienced Dutch nanny(15 years experience) with great references and am available this Saturday, I'm registered, insured, police checked and have my first aid. I charge £25 for two hours and have my own transportation.


footyfan Mon 11-Jun-12 16:04:55

That's great info - thanks.

The hotel have said they have a 4 hour minimum charge, I guess this isn't normal?

Frontpaw Mon 11-Jun-12 15:59:58

Frontpaw Mon 11-Jun-12 15:59:36

It sounds about right for London, although not sure why they would charge for 4 hours when you need 2. We pay about £15 plus a taxi home - sorry but shes just had a baby so not working atm!

These guys would work out cheaper to take out a 3 month subscription and pay the nanny direct! They charge (on top of £14-odd 3 month fee):

Babysitters in central London postcode areas


Weekdays: £6.15 per hour

Saturdays: £7.00 per hour

footyfan Mon 11-Jun-12 15:52:41

Thanks for the info. For some reason I cannot open the link - i'll try it on my PC later.

The hotel use an agency, just wondered if £70 seemed about right - or if anyone could suggest someone who might only charge for the 2 hours we need.

Frontpaw Mon 11-Jun-12 15:45:29

it may have been this one...

Frontpaw Mon 11-Jun-12 15:42:16

I would look for an agency if I were you - then you know they are all checked and insured. Ill have a look to see who my friend used.

footyfan Mon 11-Jun-12 15:37:42

I will be in London for a couple of days at the end of this week, with my husband and 8 month old son.

DH and I want to go out for a nice lunch on Friday, and need to get a babysitter for our son.

The hotel we are staying at have quoted £70 for 4 hours (we only need 2).

Does that seem like the going rate?

Does anyone have any recommendations for babysitters in the Mayfair area?


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