Hill House, Cameron House, Thomas's or Knightsbridge Schools?

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JBug Wed 30-May-12 13:52:58

Any views on Hill House, vs. Cameron House, vs. Thomas's, vs Knightsbridge from parents/friends. All I have gathered is that Thomas's is "busy" and more "English" than the others. Hill House is "international", more sporty, and less academic when younger, but possibly ok when older? Don't know much about Cameron House (small?) or Knightsbridge (charismatic head?) Any views, however brief, appreciated!

sanam2010 Wed 22-Aug-12 11:25:51

hi - you may want to post this on primary schools forum actually to get more responses...

In terms of exit results I actually think Hill House is the strongest of the four (although Thomas's doesn't provide full details - but this is suspicious in itself). Thomas's has an excellent reputation all around though. It's quiet expensive though (charge a lot on top of fees from what I hear). I loved Knightsbridge School when I visited - the headmaster is great and the atmosphere is really good, very healthy lunch, very positive spirit etc.. I was turned off a bit by some of the nouveau riche parents who happened to be on the school visit when I went there - might just have been that day, but it's Knightsbridge after all. Cameron House is a lovely small school as well. I think all of them are great, just visit them all and see which one you like best. also check out www.londonpreprep.com which has reviews and profiles for all those schools.

Frontpaw Wed 22-Aug-12 11:27:15

The best thing is to google - there are a million blogs out there with candid reviews. You. Soul also try to set up a visit to the schools to get an idea of the 'vibe'. Check the websites for destination schools.

How old are you DC? Are they already in education?

Frontpaw Wed 22-Aug-12 11:32:10

Did you say 'nouveau'? So only 'old money' ought to go private? Phew, we are 'old no-money' (nouveau poor?), so do we still count? grin.

I have no problem with 'new' money - most I know have worked long and bloody hard to make what they have.

sanam2010 Wed 22-Aug-12 21:47:01

Frontpaw, I wasn't referring so much to old money vs new money, I used the term more because some of the mums there were wearing mini skirts, Prada and Gucci and diamonds all around, very much showing off their wealth. Basically very Knightsbridge. And I would feel uncomfortable about this simply because it seemed a lot of parents had very materialistic values and chose the school to show off rather than for concerns about academics and education. Maybe if you visited the school you would see what I was trying to express.

Frontpaw Wed 22-Aug-12 23:07:35

Oh I know - was almost bowled over by a vision in Gucci bounding down the steps last time I was at HH. She didn't look nouveau riche - possible the nouveau wife! There are some like that at most schools like this, but you will mainly see the nannies at school. We have a lovely collection of supercars at home time.

sanam2010 Thu 23-Aug-12 21:38:02

Frontpaw, LOL, I think the term "noveau wife" captures what I was trying to say very well! Yes I guess you will have such types in all Central London schools and no surprise given the fees.

purplefairy287 Fri 24-Jan-14 12:42:09

Starting with the positives, the school building is beautiful and spacious and they offer the opportunity to study a variety of modern languages. Knightsbridge school was founded as recently as 2006 by 3 City financiers and the Headmaster is an ex-Army Captain. Knightsbridge school also seems to have "branches" in Bogota, Colombia and Panama. However, I do agree with the not-so-glowing Ofsted reports of this school, that the quality of teaching in some classes is unsatisfactory. The pupils did not appear to be disciplined by their teachers, some children were fighting with each other, were not engaged in purposeful activities during the classes and none of the pupils replied to us saying Good Morning to them. I asked the school registrar to send me the records of the numbers of pupils moving on to various senior schools and she was not pleasant... reluctantly she agreed to send me this information but has not done so ! We have registered our child at another school with a more established academic record and run by teachers. Something did not feel right at all about Knightsbridge school...

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