McDonalds Kings Road has no baby changing facility- was a mess today!!

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nrvsmum2b Tue 28-Feb-12 18:13:46

Ducked into the McDonald's on the Kings Road to have a quick naughty burger and my 5 month old did the biggest poo in the world. I took her, and the changing bag down into the ladies' room, to find no baby changing facility. There was enough wall space to install a Koala changing table or whatever, but there was none. I ran upstairs and asked the manager where the changing room was, and she told me there was none and that I should change her at the table!!! There I was, with people eating around me, and no choice but to change her massive poo nappy right there on the seat in the middle of the restaurant. It was revolting to have to do that where people eat, and I am so startled that McDonalds is not required by law to have that facility available to customers. I am really stunned about that...

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