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angel05 Tue 24-Jul-12 18:11:04

looooool just realised you were due in june. still suffering from either baby brain or lack.of sleep. i hope it all went well for you xxxx

angel05 Tue 24-Jul-12 18:09:59

hi. i had my baby there 3 weeks ago. i had two amazing midwifes throughout my emergency induction and beginning of full labour until the staff change over at 8am. one of the midwifes who was a student worked an extra 6hrs for me and was brilliant but the one that took over drom the other was just evil. took away my epidural top up button and also my gas and air and suffered for about 4hours pain relief free and she didnt believe i needed to push and ignored it for two hours and then finally said.oh your right you do need to.push. if i saw her today i swear!!!...... but i then had complications when my baby finally came out with assistance. the doctors who rushed in saved my life honestly. if they didnt act so quick.... as you are goinf private im sure you will have a positive experience. my cousin had a positive non private experience and said they were amazing throughout. as above said i think it depends which midwife you get. i was in there alot later in pregnancy and had amazing midwifes i think i was just unlucky to get this one bitch who made mine horrible. i wish you lots of luck with it all and im sure you will be fine and have a beautiful healthy bubba xxx

StealthToddler Tue 17-Apr-12 12:12:02

Hi Mashkin
I have had 3 DS at C&W since Oct 2007 and I can genuinely say it has improved a lot over that time. my last one was March 2011. I do think there is unfortunately a bit of luck of the draw in terms of whether you go into labour when they are really busy and which midwife you have - I have never had a midwife from my local team (pine team) at the actual birth. In March last year the midwives were fantastic - they have more permanent staff and less agency staff. I have only once stayed in overnight after the birth (Oct 07) and that was not brilliant but it was not awful - you just can't get that much sleep and its never going to be like a hotel. There is a Carluccios over the road that your partner can bring you food from (as mine did during labour and after). After DS3 I left the hospital at 2am, just 2 hours after baby was born as they said I could stay or go, and I preferred to be at home and wake up in my own bed (I was actually only in hospital for 4 hours total!!).
I know people who have had a very good experience there, and a bad experience, and I know people who have had good/bad experiences going private. I think a lot of the problem is actually when people's birth plan doesn't go as expected, however, teh midwife I had with DS2 was horrible, could barely speak english and would not listen to me, but they were so busy that I couldn't have anyone else. they didn't even believe I was actually in labour when I was in fact 8 cms dilated! With the benefit of hindsight my husband shoudl just have been more insistent. However, they have definitely improved the quality of care in teh last few years.
To be honest, I felt that even going private wasn't going to be particuarly "enjoyable" so I agreed with my DH to trade the cost of it for a really nice family holiday instead!

EugenieM Fri 02-Mar-12 16:06:59


I had my child there by emergency C section. The medical staff were great - by and large but the midwives were pretty terrible. I've spoken to a lot of people about their experiences at C and W and 'not great' to 'appalling' seems to be the consensis. Certainly within my NCT group three of us had a pretty shoddy time there. People canvassed includes one doctor who invited her midwife home to give a polite but firm lecture on her methods - to try and safeguard future women from experiencing the same things (being told to push at the wrong time etc). We have friends who gave birth there recently but in the private section - they had oxygen deprivation situation with their little girl. All was well in the end and I couldn't comment on whether it was sometihng that could have been prevented. However, my partner deals with medical law and asked some experts in that area at his workplace (this was after I swore I couldn't face having another child there) which were the best hospitals and the reply came - St. Thomas's and UCLH. So i made the decision to self refer to UCLH and was immediately struck with the contrast (even very simple things like staff who introduced themselves when I was having my second elected C-Section and small wards and really nice friendly clinical staff). The operating surgeon commented on my C section scar from C and W and kindly 'tidied up' their obviously rather slap dash work. There seems to be good and bad stories about all the hospitals depending on whom you speak to but I have heard from a number of doulas that C and W isn't great (and I guess my partner's work colleague's view and the doctor I talked to - she was pretty horrified by the care she had received - clinched my opinion). Initially because the hospital looks a bit like the inside of the starship enterprise and quite new I thought it would be great. ALthough UCLH is really busy - the kindness I experienced after a very traumatic first birth nearly reduced me to tears - I was so grateful! (Probably slightly hormonal I admit : )), they really took the time to listen to me and reassure me. Also the doctor there admitted that they have a lot of self referrals which I think must say something.

Again, I wasn't in private care at C and W there so can't comment on that side of things.

Hope this helps you in some way.

Mashkin Thu 23-Feb-12 13:04:34

Hello, I'm due to have my baby via CS at C&W (privately) in June and was wondering if anyone had their baby there recetly and what it was like? Read all the comments about NHS and it does not sound good, so was wondering whether Kensington Wing has a different approach. Also does anyone know of any antenatal classes tailored to CS, rather than natual birth around Chelsea as it turned out that C&W discontinued their private classes that focus on CS?

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