Does your child wet the bed?

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AnnabelCLCH Mon 13-Feb-12 12:09:11

Hi, I am trying to find out what people think about the support and services there are for children who wet the bed and how these can be improved for parents and young people. If you want to help and win 50 pounds, please go to and answer a few questions or you can email me at Thanks for you help Annabel

AnnabelCLCH Mon 27-Feb-12 12:52:58

Hi, Just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has responded to my survey about bedwetting services, its been really encouraging. The survey can be found at if you still want to complete it and will be there until the end of February. If you do complete it and leave your details you have a chance to win £50. Thanks again for all your help. Annabel

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