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Dinss Sun 15-Jan-12 18:32:23

Hello Mums and babies.

I would like to let you know of a group I have created called Kensington Mums.
I more than understands a parent's challenge in keeping the kids entertained and happy- which is why I has embarked on this voluntary support network.

Kensington Mums is open to all mums, dads, carers and guardians who live in Kensington.
This group Kensington Mums is created so that you can communicate with each other share advice, organise meet ups, sell some of the baby friendly items that no longer fit your little one and capture all those invaluable word of mouth recommendations. By joining this group on Facebook, you will be kept up to date with what's on in Kensington (and surroundings) including activities, playgroups, NCT events and family outings. If you would like to receive weekly newsletter then please email her at

Putting the mmmm into motherhood!

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