Looking for a British nanny for newborn for a few hours mainly in weekends

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efthalia Wed 26-Oct-11 03:28:30

Hi! I am looking for a british nanny for a newborn for a few hours mainly on weekends. Any suggestions? Should I look through an agency? Can agencies guaranty I will that have the same nanny every time I ask for one? How do I check the (typical) qualifications she has? Do you have any idea how much they charge? Thank you!

TheOriginalFAB Wed 26-Oct-11 17:44:32

I wouldn't have thought the agency can guarantee the same nanny if you are going to ring them on a I need a nanny now basis. Why would you not employ the same one yourself on a regular basis? When I was nannying I found the Lady magazine better for getting jobs rather than agencies.

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