Appeal for witnesses!

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lizj8 Thu 06-Oct-11 20:00:04

Hi there,

I hope it is OK to post on here, not being a mum or a K&C resident. I am getting married in Chelsea Old Town Hall on Saturday 29th October and it will be just my fiance and I. We wanted a simple ceremony with just the two of us and we will be a surprising some close friends later in the day.
We had originally planned to try and 'grab' two witnesses off the street, but as the day draws closer, we are getting concerned that may be easier said than done.
Our photographer has said that he can be one of the witnesses if need be, so the reason for my post is the hope that one, or two, of you may be available that afternoon to witness the marriage. We would need someone who could meet us at the Town hall at 2.10pm on the day and who could spare around an hour. If this is something that you would be able to help with, I would be extremely grateful if you could get in touch.

Much appreciated,

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