First time mums in K&C area, due September??

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citymonkey Mon 14-Feb-11 14:39:14


I am SW7 and due on 17 September (fingers crossed) with my first baby (9+2). Looking for any ladies who might be nearby to chat with!

Jessiemcc Mon 14-Feb-11 17:11:28

hi there, I too am due with my first, although i'm only 6 have NO ONE to talk to as not letting people know just yet! I am in cornwall gardens , jessie xx

YummyMummyBella Sat 05-Mar-11 22:49:39

Hey girls, I'm on Onslow Gardens and am also expecting my first on 24th September. By far the worst symptoms for me has been constant sickness and constant hunger! I brought some maternity jeans yesterday as my regular jeans were starting to feel a bit tight. I too haven't told many people so would be great to talk. X

Jessiemcc Wed 09-Mar-11 19:00:59

Hi girls my email address is we should meet up, would be lovely to chat to you both I feel queezy ALL the time and bought maternity jeans 2 weeks ago as normal jeans starting to dig in....oh and craving carbs and hate the sight of most foods. Next week great for me. Am now 9+1 x

YummyMummyBella Thu 10-Mar-11 19:01:08

Hi Jessica, I will send you an email now so you have mine. CityMonkey how was your scan? I did send you a message but you didn't give me your email! I went for my 12 week scan today and am very happy to say all is well. However I was slightly worried because the baby was SO still. To wake the flump up I was told to lie on my left side and then lie on my back again... It did the trick as the little Buddha (the legs were crossed throughout) was waving and wiggling about. I hope the flump isn't as relaxed when the due date comes. My EDD got moved from the 24th September to the 19th. Hope your both doing well. X

dandelion111 Mon 14-Mar-11 20:53:49

Hi ladies! I'm also based in SW7 , and due to have my first this year. Current EDD is 23rd September, having 12 week scan tomorrow, and from what I understand EDD could change?? Feeling pretty ill most of the time and always always hungry- so enjoying that part of it! So happy to have found this forum to exchange experiences! xx

BakingBunty Fri 18-Mar-11 14:01:02

Hello! I'm due at the end of August but convinced I'm going to be late (it's my first...) so thought I might sneak into the K&C September club! I'm in W10. Feeling great as of the past week - long may it continue! Hope you're all feeling well.

dandelion111 Fri 18-Mar-11 20:17:14

Hi BakingBunty, hows it going? congrats! glad to hear youre feeling well- Waiting for the good times to roll in, still feel pretty uncomfortable/ill most days, and would like to get moving again even just a walk! Scan was a strange experience as baby was so still, scanning lady had to jiggle my uterus with her hand on my belly to get baby to move around- needless to say felt a bit weird and uncomfortable! hope everyone else is doing well otherwise

Jessiemcc Fri 18-Mar-11 20:30:38

Hi Girls, there are 5 of us now and from what I can gather we are all a few roads apart with really similar due dates. Not sure how you are all fixed the week beginning 28th March (Dandelion is away next week and I think City Monkey is quite busy, as is yummymummyBella so hopefully it will give us a free date we can all make). Do you all fancy meeting for a chinwag in a local cafe for tea (to swap stories of scans, sickness and the desperate need for highlights and wine)? If so lets all get on email and try to arrange. If you all put your address on here then I will send us all an email and get the ball rolling. Have a lovely weekend Jessica

citymonkey Thu 31-Mar-11 14:12:49

Jessie - just saw this - sounds like a great idea! I will e-mail you and message the others. Would be good to have some friends locally due the same time!

BonJon Mon 02-May-11 15:30:13

Hello ladies,

I'm also due in September and a first time Mum. I'm also looking to meet new friends who are expecting around the same time. Please let me know if you have managed a get together; would love to join.

Jessiemcc Mon 09-May-11 11:11:35

Hi there, email me at and I will add you to our loop x

honeybabymoon Thu 19-May-11 13:49:29

Hi, I put a talk topic up in December as Im due end of July with my first. So glad there is a lot more people now in the area! I am in Notting Hill so probably slightly nearer BakingBunty and Im a bit further along than you guys (30weeks) but I would love to join your group if you'll have me as I dont know many people with babies in the area.
Hope all is going well with mums and bumps!
Will email you now too Jessica

ParentingWorkshop Fri 27-May-11 09:50:20

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I am looking for parents/caregivers who are interested to participate in the field testing of a Parenting Programme that is designed to work with parents who have children between the ages of 0-5 years. The materials are inspired by the Montessori and Reggio method.Hopefully the materials will help you in your child-rearing endeavours - it will certainly help me as your contribution will further mold and shape the programme. I anticipate that this course be offered professionally once the field testing is complete.

The Parenting Programme that is being offered is the outcome of an action-based PhD research project under the supervision of the Institute of Education, University of London. The findings of the study so far are that most parenting programmes offered skills and information related to behaviour management.

In a search for solutions, I have partnered with parents to develop a capabilities based parenting programme. The capabilities approach operates from the premise that for a person to be truly capable in the tasks they set out to do, they need more than the combination of skills and the assimilation of information. The building blocks of our capabilities programme then is the: understanding of profound concepts; the assimilation of information; the mastering of skills and abilities; the development of certain attitudes; and the advancement in a number of qualities.

Over the past four years we (myself and various groups of parents) have identified some of the capabilities and practical skills they we felt was needed to awaken the moral and intellectual faculties that exist in the potential of their children. The programme views the child as a noble human being and equips parents and caregivers with some of the capabilities necessary to provide learning environments that support and extend learning experiences, fosters cognitive development, as well as sow the seeds for character formation in through the creation of environments built on love and discipline.

Below is summary of the parenting programme, along with the name of the modules. If you are interested in participating please feel free to message me on this link. The duration is likely to take 10 weeks if we are doing 3/4 hours a week, but the hours we decide to do a week can be flexible according to the group. The cost is £45 to cover the cost binding and printing materials involved - these are workbooks that you can keep.

The requirements are that:

Participants commit to the duration of the course

there is a venue to host the course at

participants must be able to read and write English (this is because the focus is on the participatory workbooks we will study together - it will be difficult for participants who are not proficient in the English language).

have/or will have soon have children between the ages of 0-5

Programme Summary

The Parenting Programme examines the role of parents and their parenting endeavours within the context of present day society. It operates from a framework proposing that we live in a special time; a time in which humanity as a whole is passing through a period of great commotion in its social, political, economic, cultural and technological landscape. Many of the changes the world is undergoing are indeed positive and contribute to an expanding consciousness of ourselves and the world around us. Yet, a cursory examination of the neighbourhoods in which we live leaves us with the uneasy feeling that humanity is losing an irreplaceable element of social organisation – an element which is absolutely necessary if we are able to nurture children adequately and maintain the cohesion of society. Some blame the systematic and aggressive influence of the consumer value system, others have suggested that the rise in the number of broken families has played a part (unavoidable as some circumstances may be), and yet others will point to the rise in crime and sterile coldness plaguing many of our neighbourhoods.

Regardless of one’s personal views on the root causes, the conditions of present-day society require us to look at our parenting endeavours through a new lens. This new lens enables us to see how important it is to maintain the family bond; to set an example of healthy parenting relations; to provide rich learning experiences that will act as the building blocks for all later development, to protect children from the negative influences of society and help them to rise above them. The focus of this course, then, is to build upon the capacities parents have in tending to the needs of their children in the context of the age in which we live.

The course modules aim to assist parents in developing some of the capabilities needed to foster the latent moral and intellectual faculties in their children, some of which include: developing an enquiring mind, fostering the early manifestations of clear thinking and eloquent speech, helping children to think of life in terms of processes rather than bursts of events, laying the foundations of a noble and upright character, and cultivating the ethos of service to family and the wider community. Throughout the course material, regular mention will be made to the concept of developing such faculties. The course is specifically designed to work with parents who have children in the early years of life, that is, those children between the ages of zero to five years.

The programme takes the form of a set of participatory educational materials consisting of three sequential units. The first unit outlines the conceptual framework underpinning this programme and looks at the following themes:

• The Principles of the Family
• Parenting in a Learning Mode
• Developing Capabilities

The second unit, entitled Learning Environments, is divided into four chapters and explores the following capabilities:

• Universal Characteristics and Practical Life Activities
• Fostering Initiative and Scaffolding Interest
• Observation and Fostering Schemas in Play
• Language Development and the Enquiring Mind

The final unit in this programme, called Loving Environments and divided into three chapters, looks at developing the following capabilities:

• Building Loving Relationships
• Cultivating Environments Built on Love and Discipline
• Understanding Attitude and Behaviour Formation

Suggested readings are included throughout to assist you to broaden your understanding around certain knowledge areas. There is also a resource chapter at the end of each unit containing selected activities that are related to themes studied in each chapter.

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