Older islington mums?

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angel21 Mon 11-May-09 11:38:53

HI all
I am new and wondered if there were any other women out there over 40 with small children - I had my secind daughter at 45 (she is now 17 months) and would love to meet up locally in islington with any women in a similar positon...much love to all,

Crouchendmumoftwo Thu 04-Jun-09 00:11:44

Hi there,

I have a 19month year old son and a 6 week old daughter!

Im 53!

Not really In 41!

My cousin had her second at 43. Congratulations on your second.

Do you live in Angel? I live more near Finsbury Park. My son goes to nursery but we do go to parks in the afternoon if you every fancy meeting up. I have my daughter in the days on her own as well so easier to meet for coffees etc.

How old is your other child.

Im Bridget by the way!

Yottle Mon 13-Jul-09 12:58:45

I'm 43 and live near Tufnell Park / Archway. My daughter is a lively, cherubic, happy 18 month old who enjoys the company of other children. I work full time (my husband is the full time carer for my daughter) but would love to meet up with other local 'older' mums at weekends. I'll also be around some week days over the summer.


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