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refausse Thu 06-Nov-08 18:04:23

Hello, I am new to posting messages! I have a 15 week old son and I am looking to belatedly join a mums group. My dad died the month before DS was born and was ill for most of my pregnancy, so I was unable to go to any pre natal classes or join NCT etc. I found the first few weeks of motherhood very tough and feel like I am coming out the end of a very long tunnel!

Now feeling much more sociable and looking for things to do with DS locally. I already go to baby massage but would like to do more and get to know some local mums. Can anyone out there help?!

KAgg Fri 07-Nov-08 12:17:21

Hi - I can't be of much use I'm afraid as my son is already 16 months old and I am still not part of any mum's groups... I just wanted to say I know how you feel - we kept moving house and I didn't get it together to join any either. Anyway, I hope you get some more constructive responses, because noone seems to use this message board! And if not, CAT me, I'd be happy to meet up for coffee to let you know how much easier(!) it all gets...

Posey Sun 09-Nov-08 21:33:55

Sorry to hear about your dad sad but congratulations on your new son smile
Whereabouts in N1 are you? I know lots of groups having been part of things for about 11 years. I also run a pre-school in the area so hear a lot form the mums there.
There's a very friendly group that runs on Friday mornings in St. Andrews Church in Thornhill Square. Its not really dynamic or anything, just some toys for the children, and a cuppa and friendly mums to chat to.
There also was (assume it still runs) a Stay and Play in the downstairs room of the church on Duncan Terrace, every Tuesday and Thursday morning.
Also Rainbows in All Saints church on the corner of the Cally and Carnegie Street (twice a week I think but can't remember which days, though could easily find out)
West Library in Thornhill Square has a story morning with lots of toys as well on a Tuesday morning and think most if not all the other libraries do too.

Hope that helps smile

BirdyArms Sun 09-Nov-08 21:59:44

I am in N5 and with slightly older children so not sure I am very useful with the specifics but have a look here which is a list of most of the playgroups etc in Islington.

I also missed out on NCT classes because ds1 arrived earlier than he should have done before the classes started. It took me a while to make local mum friends but I now have a good network. I think you need to go to a few different groups to find which ones you like but also be prepared to go a few times before you write them off.

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Dec-08 17:54:54

Bit too early for you but worth putting your name down for Tick Tock - works best for babes from 10 months but I did it with all my 3 and it's fab.

I used to go to essex rd library playgroup and one at Christchurch in Highbury which was always friendly...Sorry to hear about your dad, that's totally crap. Hope you find some friends both virtual and in RL on Mumsnet

tinton Thu 29-Jan-09 14:00:55

Sorry this is a very delayed response. Sorry to hear about your dad, that must have been really tough. My father died about a year before I had my dd and her arrival was very bitter sweet. The 1st 3 months of motherhood sucked - thought i was going insane - but it's been (mostly) great since then (dd is now 1)! trick is to get out and about. ticktock is great. also sign and sign at st mary's church. mother and baby pilates on mondays at kings cross pilates. That place on the corner at Newington Green (73 bus) has heaps of things to do. there's also baby bounce at various libraries (free) and a salsa session i think on tuesdays at st mary's church. sorry for the very long post. good luck!

Dominique07 Thu 27-Aug-09 17:42:59

Although I'm at a slightly different stage (DS is 26 months today) I would be happy to meet up for coffee/go to parks etc.

I live at the edge of Islington and Hackney I can show you the stay and plays that I've been to here... the more you know of, the more variety you can offer your LO. grin

Dominique07 Thu 27-Aug-09 17:44:04

Oh sorry just realised this is an old thread and I'm a bit too late!!!

Riahana Sat 03-Oct-09 23:10:13

hi there sorry to hear about ur dad . I can relate to ur story I just lost my mum to cancer this year in may .my mum was sick through my pregnancy I also had a premature baby she was due 3 of may but came on the 14 march was hard but came through my daughter is doing well husband was very supportive and my 2year old

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