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beccablum Sun 13-Jul-08 15:10:16

Hi all - anyone know about baby friendly stuff in Clerkenwell? Everything I hear of is in Angel/Highbury and beyond, and very little in the southern end of the borough. I am finding it very tiring trekking too far with a newborn baby and would love to find out about stuff closer to home. Any mums in my area that want to meet up too?

sunshine185 Wed 06-Aug-08 13:28:10

hi there,

we've just moved out of clerkenwell.... but ds spent first 2 years there and have lots of fond memories!

the church on exmouth market does music classes by harriet on wednesday mornings 9.30 and 10.15am and also thursdays, very popular!

play and stays at fortune park (nr barbican)

mondays sadlers wells does a baby music class in the mornings, again very popular

baby cinema at barbican every monday

st james church has a baby group - thursdays i think

LSO by st lukes does a music class also on monday's (need to sign up and pay though but smaller group and fun)

surestart at moreland does baby massage, mum's massage (they look after baby for you) as well as various play and stays.

there are lots more ttd's but best contact surestart to send you an up to date events calendar and to check times as i can't remember what stops over the summer!
hope this helps


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