Post-Natal Yoga

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Tea71 Fri 24-Aug-07 20:46:33

I'm desperate to exercise and am keen to do yoga.
Does anyon know of any post-natal yoga classes (where Mum's can bring babies along) in Holloway / Archway / Highbury / Kentish Town / Tufnell Park or surrounding areas??
Thanks in advance!!

BirdyArms Fri 24-Aug-07 21:39:18

The active birth centre definiely does themm have a look on their website. I went to their post-natal baby massage and yoga course with ds1 although found it hard to concentrate on the yoga bit because it came after the baby massage and ds1 would be getting a but grouchy by then.

Tea71 Mon 10-Sep-07 21:15:09

Thanks for that BirdyArms, just enrolled on a class at Active Birth Centre.

beccablum Sun 13-Jul-08 15:06:08

There's also classes at the Sequin Park women only only gym at the Highbury tube end of Upper Street. They are 11am-12.15pm on Monday and they are lovely classes, and cost £10. You have to have already had your 6 week check though.

Amberjee Wed 13-Aug-08 19:55:44

A brilliant class is on Thursday mornings at 10am Yoga Junction on Fonthill Road near Finsbury Park station. I can highly recommend it, the teacher is wonderful and you will likely meet some lovely women there. I went from when ds was 1 week!

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