Our lovely nanny needs more hours - can you help?

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Amyvip Fri 29-Jul-16 16:46:35

We are having to reduce the hours we need our lovely nanny, and it will be too few for her to be able to stay with us unless she finds more work.

She is available all day on Mondays, and until early afternoon Tuesday-Friday (she does after school for us Tuesday to Friday).

We really don't want to lose her, she is great, reliable, trustworthy, good on activities and setting up crafts, shows initiative, always tides up after the kids, and is easy to discuss things with.

Let me know if you might have a need for a Mondays or mornings nanny, and I can tell you all about her and put you in touch..

We are in N7 but she lives in South London so can travel. She is NEVER LATE for anything!

MumToBe2015R Sat 03-Sep-16 00:39:12

Hiya, I'm in Finsbury Park & was wondering how much your nanny charges per hour?

I've got a 1yr old so few hours on a Monday would be ideal.


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