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Ginny30867 Mon 09-May-16 13:24:11

Hi All you mums and others out there. I have recently started going to my first Zumba Class ever and they are so much fun, but as it is a new class we need more people to keep it going, so I am putting it out there on Mumsnet Local about this class.
It is held every Wednesday at 5pm for one hour at The Whittington Community Centre, Yerbury Road, N7 4RS in the Upper Hocking Hall - it is only £6.00 per class, or you can book a block of classes for less money.
Come on ladies, come and have fun for an hour, dancing, shimmying, shaking your booty and generally just moving around to good music/tracks to burn calories and get in shape. We are a mixture of mums, daughters, grand-mothers etc, all shapes, sizes and varying abilities - we are not honed and toned and perfectly rhythmic, I myself cannot seem to get both my arms and legs working together in co-ordination no matter how I try and I definitely need my Tena Ladies because I am laughing so much. So come along for a laugh and the added advantage of feeling that you have worked out, but having so much fun that you didn't realise you were exercising and bring you friends, let's make it a real party.

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