good cleaner needed

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KJSa Thu 17-Dec-15 11:46:10

I live in Holloway and need a good cleaner, our one is a bit shit.

Any suggestions, please? 3 -4 hours per week

danielless Fri 18-Dec-15 09:23:55

hey, been there myself but I'm happy with the cleaner I use now. All good so far. You can call 020 3746 8282. I think they are a small company but they give free estimates and they'll probably have some Christmas deal or something at this time of the year. Good luck fgrin

helpinghand33 Fri 05-Feb-16 12:15:22

Hi, I also used a cleaner and she is really good, her english is not the best but she does a really good job. Her name is Elisabeth and she works for a small cleaning business. Here is their email. Hope it helps.

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