Ballet lessons in Islington

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Nameofstreets Wed 04-Mar-15 13:39:41

Does anyone know a good ballet teacher in Islington? My daughter (8) wants to start Grade 1. Thanks!

HaringeyCamdenIslingtonWestmin Mon 09-Mar-15 12:08:53

Hi Nameof,

We have lots of ballet classes listed in our classes section. Here's a link:

or if you type 'ballet' in the search box (above right) that will bring up all the classes.

Hope you find one that suits smile

(Kate, Local Ed)

GoonerDad Fri 13-Mar-15 12:18:01

My daughter has been at this school for 5-6 years. Very friendly and relaxed but they do exam entries too.

whosforacuppa Mon 16-Mar-15 14:31:33

I have been looking at this one, as a friend recommended it to me.

winteryshowers Fri 19-Jun-15 12:53:57

I am currently very annoyed with City Dance Academy. They only do a performance every two years (!), they make a huge fuss about it, tickets are expensive, two full weekend days are needed (one for the very long dress rehearsal, one for a rehearsal and two copies of the performance) but most DC are only performing for 2-3 minutes. So the long rehearsals are mostly sitting around. I'm going to look into some of the listings here!

nicnacks31 Tue 07-Jul-15 15:30:40

I've heard really good things about this one

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