Part time nanny wanted

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Cornwall73 Fri 14-Nov-14 07:47:22

We have 15mth old boy/girl twins and are looking for part time child care in Stroud Green N4. We are about 10 minutes walk from Finsbury Park, Manor House and Crouch Hill stations.

We are looking for help two days per week. We are flexible about the days but are particularly looking for help in the lunchtime/afternoon period from 12 or 1 until 7pm (to cover meal times and preparation for bedtime). This would include time spent working alongside me during bath and bedtime as well as sole charge during the rest of the time whilst I catch up with shopping, errands, cooking etc..

We are looking for a maximum of 12 regular hours per week with occasional baby sitting or longer day care once a month/every couple of months.

Would suit someone who already does part time work and looking for top up hours.

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