broken armed 4 yr old.

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birdymom Thu 06-Mar-14 11:10:32

My four year old broke his arm in the Virgin Active Creche three weeks ago and they have handled it all very badly. No one at the creche actually saw it happen, and the surgeons (that's right he needed surgery to fix the badly displaced bone) at UCLH said to look into the safety of the creche. What would you do local mums, let it go or lawyer up?

bananacakeplease Thu 13-Mar-14 18:54:30

OMG. That's shocking.
I've also had some bad experiences with Virgin Active.
I can't believe they haven't been pandering to you, with lots of apologies.
However, I guess they are told not to, incase you do lawyer up - wouldn't help their case... So my answer is saddle up and go get them.
Accidents happen, but they have a duty of care, that they are well and truly insured for.
Plus - surgery? Must have been a serious accident!
You go girl, don't be intimidated by the corporate brand, you can be sure they would settle before it even gets to court. They don't want the bad publicity.

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