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VeganMama Thu 19-Sep-13 19:37:17

Hi all, has been a while since I posted on MN blush but I am hoping I can get some advice here. I'm in the process of setting up baby signing classes in the area. Having made some enquiries with them I was all set to do them at Jacksons Lane Theatre (perfect room / price / facilities) but when I looked at their website to see what kind of advertising space I'd get I was disappointed to find they already have someone doing baby signing classes so its a no go. I am now looking for a new venue/s to start from, where I won't be stepping on any competitors toes, where there is a demand for the classes and (hopefully) the hire cost of the venue is reasonable and facilities are baby changing facilities, warm and not too big, kitchen area available. (The lower the venue costs the more affordable I can make my prices) I realise it may be a long shot but does anyone have any ideas about great venues etc. Id especially like to hear from MN'ers who have tried to find these classes and weren't able to find one near them. I'm in EC1V at the moment but would be interested in any where in the borough or neighbouring boroughs. Sorry for the over long post (I tend to ramble)and thank you in advance for any feedback. smile Oh and if anyone has any questions about the classes / baby signing Id be happy to answer them if I can.

islingtongirl Thu 19-Sep-13 20:02:04

Hi! Not sure how much help I can be venue wise but I would be really interested in baby signing classes - in fact was looking at daycares for my baby which teach this and haven't had much luck. How early can you start the baby learning sign language? As for venues, have you tried moving arts base on Liverpool road? They seem to host all sorts of classes.

VeganMama Thu 19-Sep-13 20:42:44

Thanks for replying Islingtongirl! Different experts have different theories as to the best time to start, with most recommending anywhere from birth to 7 months, but most seem to agree that regardless of when you start, about 8-10 months give or take is when babies seem to start using signs on average, this includes pointing, waving, reaching to ask to be picked up etc.

I started signing to my own daughter from 4 months and I didn't notice her respond until 10 months but after that there was an avalanche of signing. (I also realised she had been signing earlier I just hadn't recognised her versions of the signs I was showing her.) I think had I started later she might not have learned as many as she did, as quickly as she did, once she had been understood using those first few signs.

I suppose my answer is that when you start isn't as important as how consistently you do it, being patient and aware that it may take a while to see results and being alert to your babies gestures as their signs may look different to yours in the same way as babies words when they start to talk aren't as well formed as yours.

In a nutshell I believe that like talking to your child you can't start too early and even if you leave it to when they are forming their very first words signs can still be useful to help the process of language development.

I will definitely check Moving Arts Base on Livrerpool Rd thanks for the tip smile

inreallife Fri 18-Oct-13 12:27:38

Hi VeganMama, another thought might be to try the Children's Centres in Islington.

Some of the services they offer are free, but they also have people that come and run a class for a fee. Usually around £4 per class per child.

You should have a chat to them.

Heres a list all the children's centres.

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