What needs to be regenerated or spruced up in Islington – your ideas please (funding may follow)?

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inreallife Thu 09-May-13 14:12:06

We've been talking to the nice people at Spacehive who facilitate crowd funding for local projects, and we'd like to see if we can get a few things done in your area. The idea is that our lovely Islington MNers come up with ideas for things in our community we'd like to see spruced up, made over and totally regenerated: crumbling scout huts, abandoned toilet blocks, empty shops (check out this page [http://spacehive.com/ProjectSearch] to get an idea of what projects others have suggested, and check out their [http://spacehive.com/Home/HowItWorks] FAQs to get an idea of the process). You'll need to think about not just what you'd like to see spruced up, but what you'd like to see it turned into.

Spacehive has lots of tools and experts to help cost projects and check feasibility. Then, once we've got a few solid ideas, Spacehive (and Mumsnet - and Mumsnetters!) will promote the projects and - with a bit of luck - between us we can get the money raised to turn your ideas into actual funded projects.

Don't worry, you're not being asked to be architect, project manager or builder: at this stage we're really just interested in finding some good ideas.

We're going to have our very own Mumsnet page on Spacehive to showcase our projects, so if you have an idea, please post it on this thread and we'll take it from there.

winteryshowers Mon 24-Jun-13 12:30:44

There is a tiny playground at the corner of Parkhurst Road and Chambers Rd. It's very sad-looking but it's the only playground around! It would be lovely to have a small, updated, clean and safe playground there or nearby.
There is a lot of space bordering the Holloway Prison which is just left overgrown. A natural play space would fit there, too, and would look attractive.
Along Holloway Rd near the Loraine estate, you can see a playground from the upper level of a bus if you're passing by. But it's not (as far as I can see) accessible to the public. Natural space, a playground, or something there would help Holloway Rd feel more attractive, family-friendly and enjoyable for pedestrians.

pmTea Thu 27-Jun-13 08:15:16

Get rid of Archway roundabout and reconnect the area of Upper Holloway behind it, to the rest of Archway.
Replace the Archway Tower with something that does not instill deep depression into anyone who looks at it :-) an re-landscape the area just behind and to the sides of the tower (currently a desert of abandoned retail units, 70's concrete and nothingness), into a beautiful pedestrianised area with cafes, shops people actually want and need...incorporating the existing post office and perhaps a permanent structure in wrought iron (mini Covent Garden style) where the market area can be housed.
Build an underpass under Archway roundabout for the traffic coming to/from Holloway Rd and going to/from Archway Rd, thereby re-routing the worst of the traffic underground and helping all those people living across the other side to reach the tube/new shops/Junction Rd more easily.
The poor shops stuck on that ridiculous island will be re-homed within this new part-pedestrianised area covering most of the current roundabout area.
There could even be an actual 'archway' of some description (perhaps a competition to design the best one, by locals) that could be placed within this new part of Archway.
It'll probably all be way too expensive, but every time I see this area it depresses me and I wonder how it could be changed - there used to be an amazing breakfast place stuck in the middle of that awful roundabout (Tollgate Cafe') which was superb and shut down precisely because no one knew it was there - in this current climate we ought to be encouraging good shops to stay open and support their businesses!
Thank you.

winteryshowers Thu 27-Jun-13 14:20:43

Wow, your idea has far more scope than mine - I don't spend much time at Archway but if that got done, I'm sure I would!

pmTea Thu 27-Jun-13 16:14:49

smile thanks wintery
It's just something that has bugged me for years!
Just because yours is on a smaller and more intimate scale, doesn't make it any less valid smile
Here's hoping...

peterrogermorris Mon 08-Jul-13 14:45:09

Archway roundabout.
Wittington Park Community Centre

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