Things to do for kids with disabilities!

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MissTerrington Mon 18-Mar-13 13:36:32

Hi there, I am the manager of a play scheme for children with special needs and am looking to arrange some trips. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun disability friendly activities? Our kids are aged between 2 and 8 and most have a diagnosis of autism.

inreallife Tue 19-Mar-13 09:49:15

Hi MissTerrington.

Our classes section lists several venues that cater for disabilities. I'm not sure if daytrips or workshops can be arranged, but it might be worth checking.


You may also get some ideas by looking at the Things to Do section for Islington and also Haringey if you are happy to travel.

I'm not sure what type of venue you are looking for, but there are some great farms, soft play centres, and other attractions near by.

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