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inreallife Wed 05-Dec-12 10:28:35

Hi Onaiis31,
I see you found twinklebella on the talk thread. You can also click on 'meet ups' in the top navigation bar, select 'group meet ups', and then choose 'islington'. This is where you can add you name to the meet ups list, and you'll get a message when the next meet up is happening. This way you'll never miss a coffee/natter/glass of splosh again!

The meet up chat did drop for a while, but the site being down whilst we moved to the new website didn't help. But now we have Twinklebella to get things moving again. Hooray! There are plenty of us mums out there that still want a social life, even with a small person in tow.

Onaiis31 Tue 04-Dec-12 21:16:09

Hi Emma,

That's great! But being new to mumsnet I have no idea how I can find Twinklebella...do you mean look at the posts/threads on the main page of "discussions" until I find her name? I would jump at the chance of knowing some local mums so if you can make sure she sees my post than thanks! Happy Holidays!

inreallife Tue 04-Dec-12 19:12:16

Hi Onaiis31,

I'm Emma the local editor for mumsnet Islington. Twinklebella is our new local ambassador for Islington and she will be arranging meets up in the new year. Check out her post in the other meet ups thread. She is a local mum too, that likes to meet new people.

You can also add yourself to the group meet ups list that has started for Islington. That way Twinklebella will send you a message when the next meet up is happening. Don't fear, its not a formal mumsnet event - simply local mums meeting local mums.


Onaiis31 Wed 21-Nov-12 16:32:57


As I posted, I'd like to meet other local mums with babies 4/5 months old. I know other mothers but they've gone back to work or have older babies making getting together sometimes tricky (my LO isn't walking, talking etc...you get the picture.)

I already go to a local play group but would really like to start something more "new mums" than screaming toddlers! We could meet up anywhere along upper st as I live close to angel. Ta!

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